Journal Entry for Terminator Future Shock: Monday, March 18, 1997

Terminator Future Shock

Terminator Future Shock is still, in my opinion, the best Doom-a-like so far. In saying that I don't mean that it's good because it comes close to Doom, because TFS is actually better. I know reading about games on the Internet can be daunting because everyone says the same thing: "Breakthrough technology", "3D Rendered graphics", "The best", and so on until you just don't know who to believe. Well stop guessing because I'll tell you what I know based on my own experience.

I bought Terminator Future Shock here in New Zealand a few months ago when I was having one of those game cravings that often strikes those like me. It costs a whopping $120.00 but I forked it out because the demo I played had me hooked. (Keep in mind that I played the demo over and over again trying to make it last when finally I had to give in and get the real deal... the main reason was to see all the weapons some of which were removed from the demo). After taking it home I was impressed with the actual story that the demo left a mystery. But before getting to that I'll first take you around the TFS screen shots and perhaps (if I can get the graphics software to work right) a few close ups of the playing interface also.

Walking Around

When you first begin TFS you see a wee opening animation. Then you come to a standardish-looking options screen where you can load, save, or change sound settings, etc. The background music is really cool with this one. But the views are even better. Here's a top-down view screen shot of the streets in L.A., where your first few missions take place. That particular view is from a stair-set on the side of the building. That's outside. Now here's a screen shot from inside one of SkyNET's outposts. The grenade launcher in your hand is truly the best weapon against the Terminator units themselves. Realistically though you shouldn't actually be that close to one of them. If you are then you won't last long - seriously, you won't! But there's more to TFS... you can drive cars too (in particular missions).


This shot is you in a jeep crashing through a robot. You can do this but obviously it'll cause damage if you do (but not a lot). The jeep is fast and has a mounted laser-cannon on it that you aim using your mouse. The jeep also has rockets (the right mouse button if I remember correctly). After driving around you might want to fly as well. Although flying is nice, you'll need a joystick for that unlike driving. That's not a problem though because you can change your controller-type anytime (along with saving).


This is the stolen HK (Hunter Killer) that the TFS game box mentions your being able to fly. It is pretty slow but it can easily avoid ground targets by flying over buildings or mountains. You actually play the mission who aim is to steal the thing so whenever you fly it you feel a bit personal about it. Having risked your life to capture it and all. The enemy flying targets, however, aren't so easy to handle, especially when they gang-up on you. That's why you need that joystick (the keyboard is good too).

Everything Else

There isn't anything else I can say without staying here forever and a day. But if you're interested in TFS checkout the price in the gamelist or at an order page in the dropdown list.

Another option, is the Testdrive. Instead of spending hours downloading a demo you can order a testdrive of TFS for a really low price. The testdrive is the real game! And we can almost always get it to you overnight! Prices for the Testdrives can be found at an order page. I hope you try TFS because you really should experience this kind of precision first-person gaming. By precision I mean the ability to actually aim at particular areas of moving targets or use chain reactions to do added enemy damage. In the meantime, have a happy time cruising the old Internet. Say hi to Elvis if you see him about!

P.S. It looks like there wasn't enough time to go into the game interface... but you can see it in the lower portion of the screen shots if you look closely enough.

Terminator Future Shock
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