P $99.00NZ Pandora Directive
The follow-up to Under A Killing Moon.
$135.00NZ Phantasmagoria II
Choose the U.S. Version or the Australian Censored Version.
This is the controversial masterpiece from Sierra Online. Features true horror-like movie footage and edge-of-your seat suspense. The chief designer is the company CEO. She is the 17-year veteran behind the humour-laced Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry series. After taking a break to focus on family she's back for a change of pace - Phantas II grossed over a million dollars US in its first 2 weeks.
$75.00NZ Primal Rage
Imagine the Street Fighter characters back in prehistoric times. Then replace them with reptilian stand-ins. Now add 5 cups attitude and you have Primal Rage. Or alternatively imagine Rampage crossed with Street Fighter. You get the idea - yes?
$85.00NZ Privateer 2 - The Darkening
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A good reason to lie about your birthday.