$55.00NZ X-Wing Classic for MS-DOS
$55.00  Order   Testdrive $20
This is the original X-Wing before the texture-map upgrade and permanent port to CD-ROM. This is a "fire-and forget" deal... the kind you buy as a gift without a second thought! What a price!
$79.00NZ X-Wing Gold Collector's Edition for MS-DOS
$79.00  Order
Includes enhanced X-Wing, B-Wing, and Imperial Pursuit, the X-Wing Expansion Disk.
  X-Wing Versus Tie Fighter from LucasArts
Coming Soon...   http://www.lucasarts.com
On April 27th come back and order yours! Delivery for X-Wing vs Tie Fighter is currently 5 to 7 days so order well in advance. Tie Fighter versus X-Wing will be the biggest bigdeal for months and is definately one to buy if you have a joystick. To help make sure you can afford it we're making our price as reachable as possible. We don't want you to miss out!