NZ Release Spring 1997
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aeon flux box
burst animation
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Coming Late 1997

Introducing MTV®'s one and only leather-clad heroine...

Become MTV's Ĉon FluxTM through 6 six action-packed missions in a high-stakes world where the fight for survival startles you at every turn.

Solve intricate puzzles to stop Trevor Goodchild's dangerous schemes.

Not only will you have to defeat numerous enemies, you'll clone yourself, outwit the blue "zombies," and master a mysterious time manipulation technology to capture the elusive Demiurge.

Ever want to dress sexy and shoot people? Scratch that itch right here!

An / Production


Designed for
Windows 95 and
Sony Playstation

. The Ĉon FluxTM universe is perfect for an interactive adventure.

. Survival depends on being aware of the environment as well as the enemies.

. Stealth, strategy and a steady trigger finger are required for victory.

. 3rd person point of view accentuates the real-time motion capture and 3-D characters.