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Bad Mojo Box Shot

As bitter, resentful Roger Samms, your loathsome world suddenly becomes hideous when you are mysteriously transformed into a cockroach. The back walls and insect traps of a seedy San Francisco bar become your home and nemesis to escape. Exquisite photo-realistic imagery, live-action video and 3-D animation will pull you into the dark, disturbing world of Bad Mojo.

Features include:

Here's what the critics say:

" star' HEIGHT=18 WIDTH=20><IMG SRC=starstarstar " -- PC Games

"With its twisted humor and startling graphics, Bad Mojo is one of the best games you'll ever play!" -- The Discovery Channel

"One of the best games ever created" -- Billboard

"A masterpiece" -- Rolling Stone

"Unique, absorbing and a lot of fun to play" -- PC Entertainment

"And the winner is ..."

NewMedia Award

1996 Strategy/Puzzle Game of the Year

NewMedia Award

1996 Best Story/Script

NewMedia Award

1996 Best Graphics/Title

NewMedia Award

1996 Award for Technical and Creative Excellence

NewMedia Award

1996 Best Corporate Online Site

GameSpot Editor's Choice Award

1996 Outstanding Adventure Game

MacWorld Hall of Fame Award

1996 Best Role Playing Game

PC Games A-List Award

1996 Top 20 Rated Game

PC Computing MVP Award

1996 Finalist PC Computing MVP Awards

PC Games Murphy Award

1996 Best Art in a Game

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