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Considering that it has a very silly name indeed, the Brotherhood Of Nod has done pretty well for itself. For a shadowy cult of nasty types dedicated to overthrowing governments, funding terrorism and committing numerous acts of general nastiness, just surviving for nearly 4000 years is pretty impressive. But the cult hasn't stopped there. For all that time it's also been amassing wealth, power and influence, and now heaps of a new mineral called Tiberium.

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Throwing off its shroud of secrecy, the evil organisation uses force to capture over half of the areas containing the mineral, and rapidly develops techniques to harvest and process it.

Naturally enough, the governments of the world aren't too pleased with this arrangement, especially when the Brotherhood starts capturing more territory and demanding outrageous prices for processed Tiberium. In an unprecedented show of decisiveness, the United Nations creates a crack military force - the Global Defense Initiative - and charges them with recapturing the Tiberium fields. And this is where, finally, you come in. As a field officer in either the GDI or Brotherhood (that's right, you can play as a baddie if you want), you're put in charge of a series of critical military operations, each with specific objectives - utterly destroying the opposition being chief amongst them.

"The more you play, the more you learn about how the game works, and the more engrossed you become."

Command & Conquer is the long delayed 'sequel' to Westwood Studios' superb wargame, Dune 2. Anyone who's had the pleasure of playing that game (over two years old now, and still a classic) will have a fair idea of what to expect. If not, try to imagine something that's a cross between Battle Isle 2 and Cannon Fodder, then throw in a touch of SimCity 2000. Alternatively, imagine Interplay's Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, but with guns and tanks and big explosions and... Well, you get the idea!




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