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Over 23,000 criminals populate this infamous prison. The death rate here is reported at 9,247 per year. Each of them had their chance to avoid becoming a statistic. Now it's your turn.

You have been selected by C.O.R.T., the Committee of Recreational Termination, to play DeathDrome. Prepare yourself for your chance to beat the system and prove you were right all along. You will choose from 8 state-of-the-art, multi-purpose combat vehicles and be released into one SP (Super-Prison) arena, or "domain". To survive, you must complete three deadly rounds using your reflexes, superior intuition & specialised weapons. Here it is... a "court" designed around your lifestyle. Fast, convenient and with no paperwork.

To compete in each round and be eligible for escape, you'll need to reach the "kill quota". Any criminal skilled enough to meet this quota within the allotted time will escape Alcatraz II. For all others....well, somebody has to make up that annual stat don't they?

The rules are simple and classic... play or die. The odds are as you make them... based on your skill.

Good luck criminal! This concludes your DeathDrome introduction.


Coming in October 1996

PLEASE NOTE: This trial is only a demo and does not include the soundtrack or multi-player networking capabilities available in the final product.

  Minimum System Requirements:
  • Pentium 75 MHz
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 35 MB Free Hard Disk Space (to download and decompress the demo)
  • Windows '95
  • Video - Windows '95 Compatible
  • Sound - DirectSound Compatible
  • Joystick (Optional) - 4 Button DirectInput Compatible

Installation under Windows 95:

  • Download the demo onto your Desktop,
  • Double click the ddrome.exe file icon.
  • The demo will self install,
  • You must restart your computer before playing.

Running DeathDrome:

  • Click the "START" button on the Windows 95 taskbar,
  • select "PROGRAM" then select "Zipper GAME",
  • choose "DeathDrome".
  • When the small DeathDrome icon screen opens, under the pull down FILE menu, click on the word "Start" to play game.