Skeleton Skeletons (Ossium Animatum)
These are the skeletal remains of warriors who died as soldiers in battle, or were betrayed and slain by trusted comrades. Now animated by unnatural forces, these troops of the Damned forever seek revenge for their existence. Those who fall to them will find a new afterlife within the legions of the bone warriors. Skeletons are usually found in places of rest or sites of huge battles. While physically fragile, they are never lacking in numbers. Coupled with their unthinking rage, this makes them a dangerous opponent.
Scavengers (Maleficus Vorax)
Scavengers are the smallest of demonic creatures. They feed on fresh kills. Unlike the typical scavenger however, they are aggressive in taking a proactive role in creating new carnage to subsequently scavenge. Their primary weakness is their voracious appetite. The smell of death may drive them into a feeding frenzy where they stop their attacks to feast upon nearby remains. This is the best time to strike.
Winged Fiends (Alae Nefastus)
Some people are so hungry for power and knowledge that they are willing to sacrifice their humanity to the Lords of Hell in exchange for gifts that inevitably turn against them. Once such group, a dark cabal of wizards, decided to take the power of creation into their own hands and magically created a race of messengers to enslave. These foul demons eventually started breeding in secret to finally surprise, overwhelm, and kill their creators. Do not underestimate the Winged Fiends. While small, they are difficult to hit, plus do substantial damage. Many use magic learned from the wizards in addition to their deadly claws.
Zombie Zombies (Cibus Animatus)
Worm-ridden and reeking of foul decay, Zombies are formed from the corpses of men executed for committing degenerate crimes. These are driven by the innate hatred trapped within their rotten limbs. Tenacious and strong, these minions make for a difficult encounter. Fortunately, they are lacking in wit and mobility which can be used against them with great affect.
Fallen Ones (Nanus Improbus)
Swarms of these impish terrors have been known to come out of the night and tear apart a sleeping village in minutes. Small of stature and simian in appearance, these creatures possess surprising strength and unnatural agility. They prefer to attack in the dark but if they are shown great strength, preferably by killing one of their kind, they will retreat back to the darkness that concealed them. Do not turn your back on them though, their caution will soon be overcome by aggression as a new insuring attack commences.
Flesh ClanStalker The Hidden (Metus Occultus)
Metus Occultus are the bogeymen that haunt our dreams and live in the nightmares of children. Although they dwell at the edge of the Physical Realm just beyond our perception, they can quickly enter our world to strike at a vulnerable target. The Hidden feed on the essence of fear but they are not so vicious as they are opportunists. They seek the easy kill or surprise attack that guarantees success without injury to themselves. Keeping with their cowardice disposition, whenever wounded they will retreat back into the Ether to heal themselves. Importantly, even when in this Ether, The Hidden exists enough in our world to be affected by spells and weapons. If killed while in the Ether, they will manifest once more to display their dying fall.
Goat Men (Aries Vehemens)
The lieutenants of Baal are bred for strength, endurance, and cunning. These demons constantly train themselves in the art of war, for battle is their bread and the blood of innocents, their water. There are several known "clans" of Goat Men. To earn their powers, they once held mock wars in Hell but now they prefer the simplicity of slaughtering the innocent to complicated battle tests. Like most of Baal's spawn the bestial Aries are incredibly strong and agile. Be especially wary of their archers, for they are renowned for the accuracy and power of their Great Bows. Fleet of foot, they may try to evade an unwary foe and then attack from a different angle.
Gargoyles (Signum Vitiosum)
Signum Vitiosum are stone creatures brought to life by Diablo, the Lord of Terror, to destroy villagers who adourned their building with statues. The stone Gargoyle was once placed on relegious structures as a means of scarring away demons or evil spirits. As a mockery of human weakness, the Lord of Terror, instilled them with life and used the stone form created by the humans as the very design of their new nemesis - The Gargoyle. Although they are not the most agile of foe, they can open doors and strike from a far distances. Their flying attack style also makes them difficult to his with range weapons or magic bolts. Fortunately they remain in stone form until disturbed by a stray arrow or an adventurer in close proximity. To your advantage attack them one at a time while taking care not to inadvertently hit an inanimate Gargoyle with a stray shot meant for the one you are currently fighting.
Spitting Terrors (Bestia Acerbus)
The Bestia Acerbus are descendants of doglike creatures that lived by feeding upon the remains of the second Brother, Baal's disgusting feasts of blood and other Hellish delights. The variety of vile substances consumed by these creatures twisted and warped their inner bodies building strong digestive abilities in those which continued to dine. Over time, and as a result, this diabolical species became capable of regurgitating these same substances a considerable distance toward an unlucky victim. Great care must be taken when tangling with the Spitting Terror, for their venom retains potency for a some time after puddling on the ground. Treading over these puddles of toxins or the slashed-open remains of this creature can prove deadly for those foolish enough make contact.
N/A Horned Demons (Impetum Cornuta)
Used as living siege engines, there are numerous accounts of these juggernauts smashing into the lines of the Seraphim and leaving only ruin in their wake. The skull and large single horn in the snout of this demon are unnaturally durable. When attacking, they prefer to wait until a clear path is available and then they charge in at incredible speeds. Be wary of this initial charge. It is far better to deal with these creatures in close quarters or with magic.
Unknown [Currently Unknown]
This particularly nasty creature is found in the lower dungeons where lava pools are fences are common. They attack with ranged lightning bolts until you are in ambush range. Then they face you with two handed attacks swinging one claw after the other in quick succession at the valient hero who would stand and fight. Be extra careful as these creatures will almost always attack in a group and the damage they can inflict is most definitely significant.
N/A Magma Demons (Dominus Ardor)
During the Great Conflict tremendous battles were fought in both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. Both sides often carried the conflict deep within the realms of their enemies. During one epic battle into the very heart of Mephisto's fiery lair, a group of brave Seraphim warriors fronted an assault against the Lord of Hatred himself. One of these angelic soldiers made a bold attack and struck a fierce blow that caused the foul blood of Mephisto to rain upon the ground. Each drop of blood that fell seared through the crust of Hell itself and formed powerful demons of molten rock. These demons quickly rose to the aid of their master, and drove back the forces of Light to by striking them with thrown masses of lava that seared both flesh and bone with the intensity of the Burning Hells. The losses dealt were tremendous. These forms have come to be known as Magma Demons.
Fire Drake (Translation Unknown)
Scrapy critters that lunge in from long range to cut and swipe at their targets. Fairly slow, however and especially vulnerable to lightning, the Fire Drake makes for target practice for a true Hero. Notionally, the Fire Drake has four arms and carries a weapon in every one. As a result it cannot open closed doors even though it has humanoid hands. Use this to your advantage whenever the clumsy Fire Drake is trapped behind a fence or grate.
Overlords (Tyrannus Piguis)
The legacy of Inarius, the corrupted Seraphim angel, is the origin of the existence of the Overloads. Inarius, the angel, was proud of his beauty and boasted loudly of his purity and worth. He eventually believed himself to be above both Angel and Demon, leaving the High Heavens to form his own dominion. He constructed a great Cathedral of mirrors and crystal, to which followers flocked, drawn by his numinous charm and wealth. In an arrogant show of power, Inarius and his armies attacked and lay slain the monks of the temple of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred. In response, Mephisto is said to have appeared at the Cathedral of Inarius where he took the archangel and his followers captive. He bound Inarius with tremendous chains and slowly tore the wings from the back the angel. Great barbed hooks were then used to stretch out his once glowing skin. His features were distorted further by other vile powers. Many of the followers were then molded to match the bloated image of their leader, the now crippled angel. Grotesque as they are, the Overloads have considerable brawn hidden beneath their greasy flab. Resultantly, close combat is ill advised. Be guided instead by wisdom with the use of ranged weapons and magic.
Blood Knight Hell Lords (Translation Unknown)
Probably the single most dangerous type of adversary in the Dungeon, the Steel Lords are nearly impossible to take on in close combat. This fact applies mostly to groups of Steel Lords but an adventurer will hard pressed to find them an any other denomination as they will patiently plan to surround a target, staying cleverly out of hand-attack range until others arrive. Individually, their incredibly high dexterity makes them hard to hit. On the other hand they are relatively weak if encountered one at a time. If all else fails fight a running battle, pausing momentarily to hit the closest Lord, then resuming your retreat until only one or two remain. If the presence of the Hell Lord is suspected, proceed with slow steps. Moving slowly will alert fewer of them to your presence and thereby sway the odds to your favor.
Hell Spawn (Translation Unknown)
You won't find a more cunning enemy than the Hell Spawn. Nimble and nippy they typically crowd near Counselors waiting for something to kill. Using projectiles of pure energy they chase, surround and attack their foe. They send rally after rally of indefensible magic bolts with stunning accuracy from very long distances. They are extremely agile as well as wise. They will run the instant you approach as if trying to lure you into a waiting ambush from other creatures. At the same time, however, if you run, they will give chase throughout the dungeon without letting up. Only strategy can save you from the Hell Spawn as they make quick defeat of magic assistants such as Golems.
Counselors (Translation Unknown)
The Counselors gather in groups, spread out across Hell. They wait until a foolish traveler happens on to their meeting, then they attack. They teleport from wherever they are to a spot that affords them a clear shot with a fireball. From there they send streams of flame at their distant opponent. They do not wait until getting hit to disappear. If danger approaches, they teleport away. It is always best to catch them off-guard instead or if there are too many, lure one or a few away from the group before pouncing. Counselors also tend to have a single objective on their mind - destroying you! This makes them an easy target for a Golem who can attack them as they hurl flames at you. If you can contiunually dodge the flames, do so. This keeps the Counselor in one place while your Golem gives him grief.
  Winged Demons (Translation Unknown)
The Butcher (Tyrannus Pinguis)
The Butcher is a foul creature, known as an Overload, who tortures then chops his victims to pieces. His magic cleaver is of the more powerful weapons present in the underworld of Diablo. Although he's a big character he is very fast indeed so be warned. Range weapons are of little use as a result. Instead pick up a good blade, a bag of healing potions, and say your prayers. You won't soon forget an encounter with the Butcher.
Skeleton King Laoric, The Skeleton King Skeleton
This is the undead existence of Laoric, a former King who died searching for his son. His death by magic has left him in command of fallen warriors of failed quests like his own. Be warned as this particularly fearsome opponent has no similarities with the once gentle man, Laoric. The Skeleton King can conjure spirits to embody newly created skeletons that will then attack while he watches. If you attack him in close quarters your foolishness will not last long. Also avoid large rooms for this battle for he will happily create Skeleton Archers who will spread out and sprawl arrows from all sides while as their master smashes down on you with his mighty blade. Only without the aid of the archers will you stand a chance to focus to destroying the Skeleton King and freeing the spirit of Laoric from his walking curse.
Diablo, Lord Of Terror (Metus)
Using illusion and fear as their greatest weapons, the attendants to Diablo are formidable adversaries. They prefer to wait for their opponent to display a moment of weakness before they attack. Equally dangerous in the dark or in your dreams, they are the fears of man made flesh by Diablo's will. These nightmares lurk at the edges of mortal perception from the moment you take you first breath, and long to be with you when you take your last. If you manage to actually face the Lord of these tales may God be your guide as there are no accounts of any such encounters and likely never will as no one has ever returned to tell.