Release Date Approx. March 1997
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The Story Behind MDK
  • "Streams!"

    Such a word often conjures up thoughts of relaxation or languid days of quiet repose in the country drowsed by the intoxicating aroma of flowers while ambling water slowly lulls you to sleep.

    Well, no more my friend! "Energy streams", now a galactic phenomena, span the inky blackness of space. Close enough to Earth to tease her to harness and embrace this free energy source and substitute it as the power source for all civilisation.

    Pollution, smog, and acid rain now exist only in the past. History will books will allude to those days in "once upon a time" chapters that poke a condescending finger at the primitive energy methods of time.

    Just streams of energy though? - Maybe not - They are electrical discharge paths, spanning the Universe like an intergalactic freeway. But no one knew the streams were occupied. Traveled at near infinite speeds by pure evil beings known as 'Stream Riders", our free source of energy was soon to bring danger.

    Like a tide of evil, they arrive too fast to be counted, as they take the off-ramp from hell. Eight giant moving cities crawl out, wreaking havoc as Earth cities are inadvertently crushed under these great monstrosities.

    Meanwhile... and five years earlier, inventor extraordinaire, Dr. Fluke Hawkins, rocketed off on his week-long mission to study the Palin Effect of "flange orbits." Earth never heard from him again. After the first year in orbit his two companions, Max: an over zealous, genetically engineered dog; and Kurt: the inventor's young protege, started to suspect trouble.

    The Doctor himself, often in a trance-like state when deep in the whirlwind of invention, is oblivious to the goings on below. He finally snaps out of it as they rush to the monitors where they find evidence that an unimaginable alien, who can transform itself into pure energy, has invaded Earth hell-bent on taking over.

    Oh Boy! The Doctor turns to Max, "O.K. Max, I want you to." Before another word is said, off speeds Max eager to do the Doctor's bidding, except for the fact that no "bidding" has been given yet -- one of Max's little problems! Giving up on any hope of chasing him down, the Doctor grabs Kurt, the protege, and heads for the Invention Room.

    He opens the door to reveal his inventions of all shapes and sizes, but this is an emergency - no time to browse. "Ah, here it is!" A suit designed to repel bullets -- just the type of outfit Kurt needs to take on sentries! And "The Worlds Most Interesting Bomb", "Anti-Radar Spray Paint", "The Worlds Smallest Nuclear Explosion", and who could ever overlook "The Human Mortar." The Doctor can't hide his excitement - now is his chance to test all his inventions created while orbiting Earth, and he's got the perfect guinea pig! With an unerring confidence, and slight hint of insanity, the Doctor urges Kurt to attempt THE MISSION.

    This is the game the creators call "Max, Dr. Fluke Hawkins & Kurt". However the industry has already dubbed it Murder Death Kill.