Quake - DOS/Win95 DOS Mode
$85.00NZ - New Zealand

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Gamescape January 1997
"If I have to say one more thing about Quake I'll scream! It's just Doom! No matter what you say, how you cut it, Quake is Doom reincarnated like Jason or Freddy. And now there's millions of Quake-Doom alikes! There was so much hype about this game before it was released that it isn't funny that so many imitations of the "Doom-style" game are now available! [ Quake Downloads ] Quake, now has a large following as this hint file will show [ Quake Hints ]. Anytime a player knows that much about a game credit must be given. Yes Quake is popular. There are even re-releases of it's predessesor like Final Doom, Ultimate Doom, Doom 95, Doom II, Doom Unleashed. Although there is a following it doesn't mean that Quake meets the quality standard expected of it. Instead it sounds more like the marketing forces behind the game did a very good job. It also sounds to me like somebody sold the rights to reproduce Doom or Quake to every marketing company that exists which is why there are now so many permutations of Quake and Doom..." More...

Videogame Advisor August 1996

"Id Software is golden with their latest release, Quake. The gaming audience has been waiting for this release for over a year and it's been worth the wait. [Quake Stomping Grounds In Cyberspace] The 3D engine is beautiful and the gameplay wonderfully evil. Without a doubt, everyone who has played Doom will be happy to shell out cash to paly this game, especially after seeing it." [ Video Of Actual Gameplay]


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Anonymous Sept 25, 1996
Player Review
"Duke is way better than Quake. I just downloaded the shareware version of Quake, and I find that it is maybe a little better in graphics, but the gameplay in Quake is way, way worse. I hate how you have to go to the console, to type in a command. I like the nailgun, and some of the other weapons, but overall I just don't like it. Sure it is another Doom killer, but definetely not a Duke killer."

Jayman December 5, 1996
Player Review
"I think Quake is a better game. The graphics are more intense as is the music and the enviroment fits the scenario. Duke sometimes lacks these qualities and intenet play on Duke is horrible...Try find an internet game of Duke or try getting one started on Kahn or Kali... you'll find its impossible or nearly anyway.Quake is easy to find and easy to join. Try playing Quake with throwing axes or with the Flame Thrower and you may change your mind. Quake is a much more versatile game."

Anonymous March 18, 1997
Player Review
"Duke is better than Quake. For one thing it has clearer color. Quake has way too many shades of earth tones and it is way easier to play a game of Duke over the modem than Quake. I haven't got Quake's modem to modem play to even work yet and it is very annoying to shell out $50 U.S. for a product that doesn't perform as promised. Quake was supposed to make it easy to play multiplayer games, but I guess this didn't include modem to modem games. They probably figured that wasn't important seeing how they hyped up the Quake Internet thing. But anyway, Internet play is too slow with both Duke and Quake so you can't even factor this into the equation. If anyone knows how to get faster Internet play with a 28.8 modem, please enlighten me. As a standalone game, I can run Duke in 640x480 with no problems, but Quake is about half that resolution. Quack has its moments, but if I was stranded on a desert island I'd wish for the Duke."



IBM PC & Compatibles, MS DOS 5.0 or higher, Pentium processor strongly recommended, minimally requires 486 DX4/100, 8 MB RAM, 16 MB recommended, Hard Disk space, 75 MB for full version, VGA and SVGA graphics support, Supports SoundBlaster and 100% compatibles, Joystick and mouse support, 3 button mouse recommended, Supports modem, network and IP (Internet) play, CD-ROM drive.