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Los Angeles, 2015:

The war against SkyNET has consumed mankind for over 18 years. The Resistance, with John Connor, fights across time to stop a terrifying future. As they enter these years, their years of darkness and hiding, the one they look to is you. Although John's made the strategy he, himself cannot execute it, he's too valuable. He wants you to do it.



Can you act before it's too late?

SkyNET knows your every move because it knows the past. It knows the Resistance and, therefore, it knows you. It uses its advanced equipment to predict when, where, and what will be attacked. SkyNET knows everything except your strategy. The time is not set. You must be smarter than the machines. Smarter and more deadly than the intelligence we gave to SkyNET. And you've got to do it before SkyNET erases the past... and you with it.

Attack SkyNET mission after mission with GROUNDBREAKING TRUE 3D TECHNOLOGY! Experience 3D precision so accurate your laser can blast the legs of those metal bastards from 100 yards! RUN across rolling landscapes, explore ruined buildings filled with thoughtfully placed traps and puzzles, infiltrate SkyNET outposts while listening to the eerie soundtrack to keep you afraid... as you should be! DRIVE through the wreckage of downtown LA, and FLY a captured HK hovercraft! Use every perceptive sense you have to keep yourself alive until victory's yours... SkyNET's off-line... or you die trying!

You have full control:

Prepare to immerse yourself in Bethesda's new XnGine. A control engine so well designed that you actually feel like you have a human edge over the enemy. Six degrees of freedom, full texture mapping and dynamic light sourcing create a game world as easy to see as it is to play. Hear sounds that pan from left to right as you pass by, and explosions in the distance get louder as you close in. Smile to yourself as you peek around a corner and blast away an enemy who didn't even know you were there! Only XnGine's unique control design lets you do all of this with just the keyboard. Mouse is optional... excitement is not.

Deadly weapons:

As you tear through more than twenty types of 3D modeled robot enemies, you'll have to run, duck, or take cover as they explode into dozens of burning pieces! Then you'll say under your breath... "Who's next!"



Coming Soon...
All prices include GST