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Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga — Description

Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga brings the three games of the Galactic War back for Windows 95.

It's the award-winning, best-selling space adventure trilogy to ever be available on the computer. It's provided adrenaline-drenched action to avid fans around the world. It's better than ever.

The epic war against the Kilrathi (Wing Commander I through III) is now available in one box. Ported to Windows 95, the installation, gameplay and uninstall are an effortless experience. Not only have the first two games been enhanced to run flawlessly on contemporary machines, but the music has been re-orchestrated by George Oldziey (acclaimed Wing Commander II and IV composer) and also remastered to digitally streamed surround sound. Watch what happens when the best gets better!

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