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Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga — Windows 95 Features

  • Native Windows 95 versions of Wing Commanders I-III, complete with install/uninstall support, and Autorun support. Just pop the CD in and you're on your way to being a Wing Commander.
  • Upgrade for Wing Commander IV to make it native for Windows 95
  • Microsoft DirectX2 library.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes to the original DOS versions.
  • Fully digital music and sound effects.
  • Previews of upcoming games.
  • Secret Missions I and II will be available on our web page as an added bonus for our customers.

  • Wing Commander I and II: Adjustable frame rate for spaceflight.
  • Wing Commander I and II: Invulnerable option for Wing I and II.
  • Wing Commander III: Rudder and Throttle support allows the player to use extended joystick support for increasing/decreasing speed and rolling the ship.
  • Wing Commander III: Hi/Low-Resolution Mode.
  • Wing Commander III: Play in a Window or Full-screen.
  • Wing Commander III: Added more movie player options, such as small window and interlaced movies.

  • Abstracted from the Origin Website by Gamescape Interactive New Zealand Ltd.