$15.00 For 14 Days! That's right - the Gamescape Testdrive just grew to 14 days! Now you have even more time to organise the fun!


Here's why you may want to consider a new 14-Day Testdrive:

If you ever bought a game you didn't like then you know already why we offer a Testdrive. Nothing is more frustrating then wasting money on a "so-called' popular game that just isn't what it's cracked up to be! And chances are you would have given up $20.00 just to avoid the mistake! And Testdrives are almost always in stock since they rotate so often so you don't have to wonder if we have it or not. We do.

The other thing is that, even if you wanted to order a game from the local store, you'd have to spend time phoning around to find it, then order it and wait for it to arrive because the one you want is usually out of stock, then once you finally get it you might not like it! Instead of going through that just click a button below and get a Testdrive by tomorrow (in most cases)! The difference with our Testdrive service is that we send and pickup the game instead of making you come to us! And the Testdrive usually arrives overnight or in Christchurch sometime the same day (morning orders)! But read on before making a decision.

Testdrives have an associated cost for us which we must charge to you. That cost currently amounts to the $20.00, which is basically delivery and pickup. That means that we do not offer the discounted "testdrive conversion" anymore! So you'll want to consider the value of trying a game before buying it because the cost of the Testdrive is non-refundable. However, keep in mind that our Testdrives are now 14 days instead of 7, and thats two full weeks of gaming is plenty of time to organise the fun and decide if the game is for you!

The final note is that Testdrives do not include manuals as deterrence to software piracy. However, most games now feature easy installations and help files. The install program will be Setup.exe or Install.exe and help file will be Readme.txt or Install.txt.