Ordering just got even easier! To order just click the "buy" button and the name of the product will be "remembered" as you complete your order! Let's take the game Diablo for example:

A. Diablo shows it's name, then on the next line: a small circle, a "buy" button, and the price. This will be true for anything "orderable" at Gamescape. The sentence with the "buy" button is special. It knows who it is! So when you order it passes the product name on along automatically as long as you "choose" using the small circle!

Diablo - Windows 95
$90.00NZ New Zealand

B. The circle is the key! When it looks like this the product describe is "chosen." Click this other circle to see what I mean. Now click the button to watch the form "remember" it! Go on... this doesn't "force" you to order, and it's fun to see!


When you're ready to make a real order just click the "buy" button wherever a product is listed!